Writing samples

It all starts with a script! Here you can find some scripts from past and future DragonFUZE Comics projects.

Tiki’s Phayrie.

By Jason Berek-Lewis
© Jason Berek-Lewis 2009. All characters are owned by the copyright holder. No part of this script can be reproduced without the author’s written consent.

Page 1
1. A long shot over the city of Solost at night, there is a full moon and stars in the sky. While there are some towers inside the walled city, standing above all is a tower of crystal. Solost looks like a typical European Middle Ages-era city, with smaller buildings around the tower. The walls have battlements and towers.

Caption: Solost, the jewel in the Empire of Men.

Caption: At its heart lies an icon of hope that challenges the very heavens. Its beauty is without parallel! The power that lies within is unmatched!

Caption: Home to the Mages, its name is whispered in myth and written in legend. Behold, the Crystal Spire!

2. Close up on the Crystal Spire draped in shadow, lit only partially by the moon. A silhouetted figure is seen scaling the sheer wall.

Caption: Once Shadow falls, those with dark desires claim dominion.

3. Even closer up on the Spire, the silhouette is shown climbing into a window.

Caption: While good people sleep, others seek glory, some seek blood and yet others seek …

4. Tiki, a 12-year-old girl is introduced. She is dressed in a boy’s dark leather pants and vest, both slightly too large for her. She wears a green shirt beneath the vest and wears short, scuffed boots. Her clothes are stained and slightly torn from climbing the tower. Tiki’s blonde hair is worn in many plaits. The wide-eyed girl is shown inside a darkened room filled with bookshelves and desks. A few candles burn on the desks. The furniture in the room is littered with open spell books, scrolls, jars and other alien-looking magical items.

5. Close up on one shelf that holds an intricate golden cage. Inside the cage is a small female creature (the size of a hand). She wears quite revealing clothing spun from gold and silver. She has long blue hair and purple eyes and wears a large amount of jewelry with precious stones. The Phayrie also has fragile, butterfly-like, wings that protrude from her back.

Caption: Treasure!

Caption: Just what this little girl always wanted – a Phayrie to call her own …

Page 2
1. Tiki reaches for the cage just as the door to the chamber flies open. A silver-bearded Mage dressed in dark robes enters. He looks enraged and his hand is aflame with magic. Tiki looks frightened.

Mage (shouting): ‘Ware thief! THIEF!

Tiki (screeching): Aieee!

2. Tiki has turned her head to look over her shoulder to the window and freedom. Her face is lined with terror. The Mage’s hands have erupted with glowing power.

Tiki: You are home early!

Mage (casting a spell): Ichan, ganifeth, al-asbrinki …

3. Tiki’s leaps for the shelf, grabbing the Phayrie cage. A bolt of fire shoots from the Mage’s hands, striking the spot where she was previously standing.


Tiki: That was too close!

4. Inside the cage, the Phayrie is giggling. Tiki’s hands close about the cage. The Mage is in the background.

Mage: Halt thief!

5. Tiki, still clutching the cage, begins muttering a spell of her own. One hand is raised, the other holds the cage.

Tiki: This better work!

Tiki (casting a spell): Ichan, areth, en-isili …

6. The room explodes with colored confetti. We can only see the shadowy form of Tiki holding the cage and the Mage in the background.

Page 3
1. Tiki leaps out of the window, still clutching the cage with the Phayrie inside. A cloud of confetti trails from the window to the rapidly falling girl. Tiki and the Phayrie both wear looks of terror on their faces.

2. Tiki is still falling. She is fumbling inside her vest and wears a look of concentration on her face. The Phayrie is giggling now. Please use speed lines to indicate the pace at which the two girls are falling. We see that they are falling beside the spire.

Phayrie: Ha! Ha! Ha!

3. Tiki’s eyes are almost popping from her head with fear. One of her hands is inside her vest, the other holds the cage.

Tikki: I always escape, I always escape, I always escape…

4. They continue to fall.

Caption: Among those of the Guild of the Quick Hands, she is known as Tiny. Tiki’s thieving prowess is legendary.

Caption: As the tale goes, there is no item Tiny can not steal, there is no trap that can hold her …

5. A shot from above as Tiki twists so that her back faces the ground. She has let go of the cage and the Phayrie tumbles besides her.

Phayrie: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Caption: No thief is as blessed by Lady Luck.

Page 4
1. Tiki, still falling, pulls a small feather from a pouch on her belt. The Phayrie cage falls beside her.

Tiki: This really better work!

2. Tiki’s face is creased in concentration. Her hand glows red and the feather catches fire.

Tiki: Ichan, esh, aryth!

3. Suddenly, the air is full of white feathers. We can barely see Tiki and the Phayrie as they continue to fall.

4. Tiki falls to the ground and lands in a huge pile of white feathers. A cloud of the feathers billows all about her. Neither the cage nor the Phayrie can be seen.

5. After landing, Tiki sits up, her hair and clothes are full of feathers. Tiki is brushing the small white feathers from her clothes.

Tiki: I can never remember the word for flight… Is it aryth or erith?

Tiki: Never mind … That was close!

6. Tiki’s eyes widen in shock.

Tiki: Where is my Phayrie?!

Page 5
1. The cage rushes to the ground. Malinki is visible. This panel shows the cage falling just above Tiki’s head.

2. Malnki is visible as the cage hits Tiki on the head.


3. The cage is on the ground; its door is open. Malinki shoots up out of the feathers that have gathered upon the ground. The Phayrie looks very angry. Her eyes are glowing gold and the air shimmers about her. Tiki is clutching her head.

Tiki (shouting): Ow!

Malinki: You deserved that!

4. Tiki shrinks back from the magical creature. Tiki looks wary.

5. Close up on Malinki burning with a magical aura.

Malinki: I am Malinki of The Enshae Hall. I did not belong to Selus The Wise, nor do I belong to you!

6. Tiki looks afraid. Malinki’s aura is fanning out to consume the girl.

Malinki: I should turn you into a toad!

Page 6
1. Flashback scene. We are in the workroom of Kimban The MechaMage. Kimban is introduced. A middle-aged man with graying brown hair, he wears some sort of safety goggles/ glasses. He is dressed in tradesman-type, heavy leather overalls. The overalls are traced with magical runes and appear to be the clothes of a Mage. He wears heavy leather gloves and boots. He sits in a room filled with spell books, scrolls and oddly, what appear to be pieces of machinery. Kimban wears a stern look on his face. He is standing opposite a chair. Tiki sits in the chair wearing her overalls and jewellery. She looks uncomfortable.

Caption: One month ago in the workroom of Kimban The MechaMage.

Kimban: Brand tells me you were out in Thengil forest hunting Phayrie! Have you lost your mind girl?

2. Close up on Kimban’s wrinkled face.

Kimban: Your father is very concerned. There are few things in this world more dangerous than those treacherous tricksters!

Kimban: The Thengil is no place for a girl your age!

3. Tiki has shrunk away from Kimban and looks afraid.

Kimban: By Serenity! Have you not listened to the teachings of the Sisters?

Tiki: Ah, I think I skipped that sermon …

4. Kimban’s face is flushed with anger. Tiki is shrinking away from him

Kimban (shouting): Fool girl! Beware of the Phayrie. Those mischievous gnats will twist your mind with their songs! They will turn your heart with their gifts! They will take your soul from this very world!

5. Tiki is crying and tears streak her face. She looks terrified.

Tiki: Sob!

6. Kimban is hugging the sobbing girl.

Page 7
1. Tiki is sitting on the ground beside the tower, she appears to be in a daze. Small golden sparks still dance about her and her small body is traced with flowers. Malinki hovers in the air in front of the girl.

Caption: Now …

Tiki: What did you do to me?

Malinki: A gift!

2. Close up on Tiki’s face. Her gaze is drawn to her nose where Malinki is flying in the air. Malinki kisses Tiki’s nose.

SFX: Smooch!

Malinki: Thank you!

3. Malinki has flown away from Tiki’s face. Both the girl and the Phayrie are laughing.

SFX: Ha! Ha! Ha!

4. Tiki has pulled some of the flowers to her nose. Malinki is flying above her now.

5. Tiki sneezes, her breath sends Malinki tumbling.

Tiki: Hachoo! Atichoo!

6. Malinki is tumbling through the air. A shadow appears above the girls.

Page 8
1. A huge bird soars above Solost. A rider sits on its back. The bird is black and wicked in appearance. The bird’s wings are lined with scales instead of feathers.

2. Back on the ground, a shadow falls over Tiki and Malinki.

3. Tiki cranes her head back to look into the sky. Malinki flies up into the air.

Malinki: A wing wraith!

4. Large panel please. The huge black bird soars through the air. A Mage in black robes sits on its back.

Caption: Of all the secrets hidden in the Crystal Spire, none inspires greater fear than the dreaded wing wraith.

Caption: Its scales are as dark as midnight. The creature’s eyes that burn with malevolent fire! Its talons sheer through rock!

Caption: Legend says that even the awesome Dragynne fear the greatest of the birds.

5. Tiki is running. Malinki flies beside her.

Tiki: Run!

6. The Wing Wraith dives towards the fleeing girls.

Page 9
1. Tiki is running as if towards the reader. Her face is flush and she wears a horrified, determined grin. Malinki is flying beside her, at shoulder height. The Wing Wraith, with its Mage pilot, is swooping behind them, its talons extended towards the girls.

2. Tiki is running frantically and fumbling in her pocket. We can only see the bottom of the Wing Wraith as its claws clasp for Tiki.

3. Tiki has pulled a round mirror from her pocket. The Wing Wraith is upon her.

4. A close up on the mirror in Tiki’s hand.

Caption: The Mirror of Anzeth.

Caption: An object of legend, hidden within the fortress of the Guild of the Quick Hands …

5. The mirror’s surface is traced with golden magical symbols.

Caption: Only to be spirited away by one of this land’s greatest thieves: Tiny!

6. A golden aura surges from the mirror to engulf Tiki and Malkini.

Page 10
1. A large panel shows the Wing Wraith scooping up Tiki and Malinki in its claws. The golden light surrounds the girl and the Phayrie.

2. The Wing Wraith soars into the sky, its claws are empty.

Caption: Cheated of its prize, the hideous beast roars its disappointment.

Wing Wraith SFX: Rawk!

3. A golden portal opens onto a field filled with pink and blue flowers.

4. Tiki runs through the portal and Malinki flies through behind her.

Caption: Safe!

5. Tiki collapses onto the ground, panting. She is lying on her back. Malinki flies up to sit on her cheek. The portal has vanished.

Malinki: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Malinki: What fun!

6. Tiki sits upright suddenly. Malinki flies away.

Tiki: Fun?!

Tiki: I fell out of a tower, was chased by a mad-as-hell Mage and was almost breakfast for a Wing Wraith!

Malinki: But you have your own fairy friend!

Tiki: Yes, yes I do! I am Tiki. What is your name again?

7. Malinki flies up to kiss Tiki on the nose. The girl looks surprised.

Malinki: Malinki of Enshae Hall.

Malinki: Tiki, you saved me. I love you!

Malinki: Now, let’s really have some fun! What’s next?

Caption: The End.


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