Tikki’s Phayrie

Tikki’s Phayrie tells the story of Tikki Quickhands and her perilous quest to infiltrate the Crystal Spire, home to Solost’s mages, and steal a phayrie of her own! Along the way Tikki meets Malinki, a Phayrie of Enshae Hall and rushes to escape a mysterious mage and his terrifying Wing Wraith! Will our thief and trickster survive their first adventure together?

Tikki’s Phayrie features a script by Jason Berek-Lewis, art by Michael Kasinger, inks by Michael Cef, colors by Frank Cuonzo/ Mike G/ Steve Harrison/ Michael Toolan/ Tyler Vogel and letters by Brant W. Fowler. The story was first published in MangaQuake #4 from Future Quake Press in 2007.

Tikki’s Phayrie gallery


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7 05 2009
Issue #2 in the house! : Redhanded Studios

[…] to get excited! Second, it’s really good stuff! Jason Berek-Lewis is doing a follow up to his Tikki’s Phayrie series called Tikki’s Giant, and the stuff looks amazing! Hit those links and check this […]

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