DragonFUZE #5

27 03 2009

Andrew sent me a number of new concept sketches this morning and I have been seriously struggling to keep my jaw from the floor. I don’t want to spoil you too much, but here is a sneak peek! Behold, Andrew’s design for Kimban The Mecha Mage:

Kimban The MechaMage design by Andrew Law

Kimban The MechaMage design by Andrew Law

Things are now in full gear as we wrap up the concept designs for key characters and move onto the pages.

More news on Tikki’s Giant and other DragonFUZE Comics projects soon.


DragonFUZE #4

22 03 2009

The creative wheels are turning here at DragonFUZE Comics HQ. Andrew is working on more concept sketches and page thumbnails. I am always excited to see more Tikki’s Giant art appearing in my In Box. We have had a few hiccups over the last few weeks, but momentum is building on our biggest project to date.

Over the last few weeks ideas have been spinning around my head for my first ever creator-owned superhero tale The Next Scion. I have started a creative brainstorm for that project and hope to get on to writing that in the near future. I am looking at using a new creative process to develop and write this project, so that will be an interesting adventure. I’d like to thank Tyler James in advance for inspiring me to take a new creative path.

I am not 100% certain that we will get an issue of Tikki’s Giant out this year, and I may look to getting the whole thing done and printed in 2010. Which leaves the possibility of another option for getting at least one book out this year. That idea is called DragonFUZE Comics: Ignition! and will re-print Tikki’s Phayrie as well as featuring preview pics from Tikki’s Giant and The Next Scion.

The more I think about this, the more I think it’s a great idea; it will let us get at least one book out this year, it will preview/ showcase new stories and will serve as a great platform for showing off some art. Hmm… that might be the plan for 2009. I need to think about this one.

DragonFUZE #3

9 03 2009

I wrapped the script for Tikki’s Giant #2 today. I am hugely relieved to have finished this story. I did miss my deadline of having the script finished in February, but I am happy to have spent the extra time on finishing this up; I am very happy with the way the story came together.

Right now, the script is with my editors, but I will pass the script for #2 to Andrew shortly. This is where the real work begins! I still have to pull together a creative team, especially for the colors, so we are a while off from a finished book. None-the-less, I feel as though I have accomplished something big, which is to have finished the largest Tikki story to date. This story is especially important as it introduces many of the key characters from her world and from a larger story that I hope to tell some day.

Next up on the writing slate is my father/ son superhero book The Next Scion. I can’t wait to get to that script and to maintain the creative momentum through the year which will, hopefully, result in some complete, tangible, printed DragonFUZE comics!

I really need to fix up this website, it is our home on the www! I do need some help with that, so I will be asking some friends over the coming days.