DragonFUZE Comics is the creative home of Jason Berek-Lewis, Australian comic book writer and creator.

Into the future, we will be bringing you a range of comic book projects, including Tikki’s Phayrie, Tikki’s Giant and The Next Scion. Our stories will cover a range of genres from fantasy to science fiction to superheroes to semi-autobiographical.

The creators involved in DragonFUZE Comics are not new to comics, but we are relatively new to making comics. As such, our ambitions are large, but our steps will be small. At this early stage, we are aiming to publish a small number of comics each year; this is an aspirational goal.

The creators involved are also committed to learning about the creative process. Jason is keen to work with creative collaborators from across the globe to bring to life many amazing fantasy stories.

For more information, or to enquire about collaborating on a DragonFUZE Comics project, contact dragonfuzecomics [at] gmail.com

All content is copyright Jason Berek-Lewis 2009. Tikki’s Phayrie, Tikki’s Giant and The Next Scion, all associated characters, likenesses and logos are trademark and copyright Jason Berek-Lewis 2009. All rights reserved.


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