DragonFUZE #10

26 04 2009

Time for another quick update:

Yesterday I was contacted by a fantastic colorist who really enjoys Andrew’s character designs; it’s great to see Tikki and Malinki generating some interest and connecting with comics fans way before the book is out there.

So, stay tuned to the DragonFUZE Comics site and be on the lookout for colored up versions of Andrew’s designs for Tikki and Malinki. We are planning to possibly use these colored up pics as promotional/ teaser images.

The colored images will debut here soon!


DragonFUZE #9

25 04 2009

I caught up with Andrew today to talk all things Tikki’s Giant. I didn’t have a lot of time as we met in the middle of the work day, but I did get a peek into Andrew’s interpretation of Tikki’s world and the script for the book. Andrew has finished the layouts for all of issue #1. He came along with a portfolio full of layout pics, but also of concept sketches for the wondrous environments of the book including Terellheim village, Kimban’s cottage, Lothos Keep and the Trollhaunt Mountains. The layouts and environments look great; Andrew ‘gets’ what I am trying to convey with this story. There are some particularly chaotic scenes in #1 and the layouts show that Andrew has a handle on the pacing of those scenes. Things are really moving now on #1.

We also had a brief chance to talk about some of the marketing ideas I have for the book and about some of my plans for the book’s production. While there is a lot of work going on now for Tikki’s Giant, I am still acutely aware of how much needs to be done to get the book finished , online and printed. I am so convinced of the quality of Andrew’s pencils that I want to do this book without inks, so that will take one step out of the creative process and buy us some time.

I am still aiming for a 2010 release on this series. More news soon.

DragonFUZE #8

21 04 2009

The Tikki’s Giant page has been updated with a new gallery featuring 12 character designs by story artist Andrew Law; make sure you visit the gallery to check out our MechaMages, phayries, knights and giants! Andrew has wrapped the character designs and isĀ  heading into the page layouts/ thumbnails; soon it’s into the pages themselves.

The first stage in our grand quest is nearing completion. Andrew’s work brings a bold and stylistic look to Tikki’s universe. I am thrilled with the many detailed designs he has sent through to me, but the one that bowled me over was this:

Malinki design by Andrew Law

Malinki design by Andrew Law

Wouldn’t you love to pick this up as a limited edition DragonFUZE Comics print or poster?

DragonFUZE #7

16 04 2009

Today I wrapped the bios on the five main characters for The Next Scion. Some really interesting quirks came through in writing up the descriptions, so I feel that I have some strong and interesting characters to explore over the course of this story. In coming up with some of the second stringer characters for the book I delved into some notebooks that I filled with ideas back in 2000 – 2001. I have enjoyed seeing how I can fit those old concepts into this new story.

Every writer has their hook or their angle and I like to think that I imbue most everything that I write with palpable emotion. With this book, the super heroics and slam-bam fights come in second to the emotional arcs of the four main characters; the superhero, his son, his wife and his nemesis. The work that I wrapped tonight only touches the surface of what is going on in the lives, minds and hearts of these characters and ultimately these are the things that I intend to explore as the story takes shape.

I find writing to be daunting; the process is about taking something that is internal and intangible and making it into a real product to be shared with the world. The Next Scion is the next step in my evolution as a writer. Not only is this my first superhero book, but the story explores a very potent issue for me; the father/ son relationship.

DragonFUZE #6

10 04 2009

While we move towards stepping up production on our Tikki’s Giant project, my mind is already zooming off into superhero territory. This weekend I am heading away with my family for a short holiday. The laptop is joining me as it is well and truly time to start bashing keys on our next project, a superhero book called The Next Scion.

I am strongly committed to doing mostly all-ages, or PG rated comics. However, I am not sure that The Next Scion will fit that description. As a superhero story, the level of violence will be higher than that featured in Tikki’s Giant, plus the story is an emotional roller coaster that may be a bit much for kids to handle. So, I definitely feel as though this book is more of a “T+ SUGGESTED FOR TEEN AND UP” type story to quote the Marvel Comics ratings system.

Although Invincible by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley is a key inspiration for this book, I do not intend for the level of violence in The Next Scion to reflect that which exists in Kirkman’s book.

In any case, most of this post is hypothetical as I am yet to get started on this project! Look out for more updates after the Easter holidays wrap.